Admission Process

We are looking for students who demonstrate a keen desire to learn, who are curious about the world they live in, and who wish to explore a variety of experiences in order to develop their innate talents.
All applicants will have the opportunity to tell us about their interests and achievements. Because education is a three-way partnership, we also look forward to having an interaction with their parents

School Visit
You are most welcome to visit the school and have an informal discussion with or without your child. This can be done by fixing a prior appointment with the Head Admissions through mail at  A meeting can also be arranged with the Principal or any other faculty member that you may wish to see.

Registration Kit
Parents are requested to pay Rs.1000/- for a St. Xavier's High School registration kit, which includes our application form. The kits are available for sale at the school campus. 

Submission of Application Form
 Parents must submit a fully completed application form and submit the following supporting documents:
 a. Birth Certificate
 b. Immunization History
 c. Residence Proof and ID Proof
 d. Report Card & Transfer Certificate (Not applicable for Nursery applicants)
 e. 5 Passport size photograph

The interview is as pleasant and nonintimidating as we can make it. It is normally conducted by the Head of Admissions, Co-coordinator. We are interested in knowing about the child's/ student's educational development, use of language, social skills, academic enthusiasms, and extra-curricular interests. The aim of the interview is to find out what the student knows, understands, and enjoys.

Payment of Fees
once the above steps are satisfactorily completed parents will receive an admission offer and may pay the applicable fees to confirm admission.

Age Criteria
Age 2+  for Pre-Nursery

Age 3+  for Nursery

The admissions are given as per guidelines framed by the Directorate of Education and endorsed by the Managing Committee of the school. Admissions in higher classes are open depending upon the availability of seats’

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